India’s economy getting back on track with 5.7% GDP growth in first quarter

[Hindustan Times] The Indian economy expanded at its fastest pace in two-and-a-half years in the quarter ending June on the back of a turnaround in manufacturing as sentiment was boosted by the Narendra Modi government’s measures to help recover from the longest slump in a quarter of a century.

Data released on Friday showed gross domestic product (GDP) grew by a better-than-expected 5.7% in April-June, sharply higher than 4.6% in the previous quarter, signalling a revival in the economy.

In comparison, China has more GDP growth at 7.0-7.5% and at its same stage of development China was producing 10-12% GDP growth. India with a more youthful and growing demographics needs to be generating solid 10+% GDP growth if they were aspiring to match China’s rise.

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