Peter Diamandis Delivers Keynote at SENS Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference

Undoubtedly, Peter Diamandis is one of the most enthusiastic and charismatic futurists around. Holding key roles with organizations such as Singularity University (which he founded with Ray Kurzweil), Planetary Resources, Chairman at Human Longevity with Craig Ventner,  and the Ansari X Prize Foundation. 

Peter Diamandis

Peter also co-authored Abundance, which, admittedly, is my go to recommendation and reference when techno-pessimists ask me about issues contributing to a dystopian future, such as overpopulation due to people living to 120+, AI and the like. Peter mentions the 6 D’s: Democratize, Demonitize, Dematerialize, Disruptive, Digitized and Deceptive.  These are characteristics of exponential growth. For example, we have been able to digitize everything from flashlights, record players and cameras (all those are on most of our smart phones). As a result, demonitization has taken place. Why pay for a record player, or camera, or flashlight if we can get them for free?

Disruption is my personal favorite. Seems like when we are able to make people uncomfortable, make them squirm a little, or when society makes fun of “that person with the crazy ideas” (like living forever) this is when exponential improvements are made. Ok, so maybe we can’t live “forever” (yet), but on the journey to try, won’t we at least make some huge strides in biotechnology, genetics, drug development and disease prevention?

We learn about a new XPrizeGlobal Learning, Empowering Young Minds Everywhere. The goal is to develop an Android application, which allows kids without formal educational systems in their country the chance to learn the basics within an 18 month period. 

Growth of mobile technologies has proven life changing for underdeveloped communities world wide, which is a positive trend which allows for individuals a glimpse of the outside world, especially for those in countries which limit and regulate media. Knowledge is power, and emerging technology coupled with the wisdom to effectively manage change are key for us techno-optimists. 

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