China’s TCL announces quantum dot enabled 55 inch OLED TV that will one third the price of comparable OLED TVs

TCL announced a quantum dot enabled 55-inch full-gamut 4K UHD [3840 x 2160] TV with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price at one-third the cost of comparable OLED color televisions. The QD (Quantum Dots) plus LED television shatters the prohibitively high price barrier of OLED TVs which provide consumers with a richer color viewing experience.

TCL is the world’s third best-selling television brand, and QD Vision is the leading manufacturer of quantum dot optical components for HDTVs and other LCD products. The new TVs will initially be available in China, followed by additional worldwide availability.

Most mainstream LCD TV designs have had to sacrifice color quality, typically only delivering 60-70% of the NTSC color gamut standard. Color IQ is capable of delivering 100% of the NTSC color gamut, and works with all major LCD applications, including LCD TVs, LCD monitors and other displays, providing both superior color performance and high system efficiency.

The quantum dot component is mounted in the LCD backlight unit in front of blue LEDs (as opposed to white LEDs used by other manufacturers such as LG), according to Matt Mazzuchi, vice president of market and business development for QD Vision.

UHD 55 inch OLED TVs sell for as low as $3,500. This price is still significantly higher than of a comparable 55-inch UHD TV, which sells for around $2,000.

TCL has not announced a price but $1200-1500 seems likely based upon the one third the cost of comparable OLED statement.

Advancements in LED technology are also producing TVs with improved contrast ratio and colors, making it more difficult for OLED TVs to differentiate and justify their premium price, Gonzalez-Thayer added.

IHS predicts that around 14,000 OLED TV units will be shipped in the U.S. this year, and that number will increase to close to 1.2 million units in 2018.

According to the latest DisplaySearch report, TCL ranked No.3 in the global LCD TV market share with a 6.8% market share in 2013. TCL is No.1 in the China LCD TV market with a market share of 18.1%.

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