Dwave says papers coming showing speedup over classical in narrow cases by their quantum computers

Some important third-party results [will soon be published] that can demonstrate speedups over classical algorithms in certain narrow cases by DWave Quantum computers. Those are results that you won’t see from DWave; it’s more credible for one of our partners to do that. It is going to be an important milestone for Dwave. If you want to do something practical with quantum computing, DWAve is the only place you can come.

They have 12 machines running now. A few of them are online; they have customers who can access a machine over the Internet.

They have seen results that are better than classical systems. Customers have their application and integrate quantum computing into it and it performs better.

[A company called] 1Qbit was started to use Dwave quantum computers for financial services. They have 20 PhDs developing algorithms in portfolio optimization and things like that. Dwave provides them with some training and expertise, but they are by and large doing this work themselves. If they find the amazing algorithm that is going to make tons of money for Wall Street traders, it’s their intellectual property, not Dwave.

Another example is DNA-Seq, doing cancer therapy based on new drugs. They try to understand the molecular interactions of proteins called kinases. Understanding very low-level molecular interactions is a computationally huge problem. They are not solely based around quantum computing, but they see it as an enabler of what they are doing.

SOURCE – Technology Review

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