Revolution in Seamless Intelligence by 2022

Nine technical leaders within the IEEE Computer Society surveying the current states and progressions of 23 different technologies that could change the computer industry by 2022. The technologies include 3D printing, big data and analytics, open intellectual property movement, massively online open courses, security cross-cutting issues, universal memory, 3D integrated circuits, photonics, cloud computing, computational biology and bioinformatics, device and nanotechnology, sustainability, high-performance computing, the Internet of Things, life sciences, machine learning and intelligent systems, natural user interfaces, networking and inter-connectivity, quantum computing, software-defined networks, multicore, and robotics for medical care.

So, what does it all add up to? A key projection of the IEEE report is the “seamless intelligence scenario. Computing devices—from the very small, such as wearable devices and chips embedded under the skin, to the computers inside our mobile devices, laptops, desktops, home servers, TV sets, and refrigerators, to the computing cloud that we reach via the Internet—are interconnected via different communication and networking technologies,” the report explains.

In Wired, the IEEE’s Milojicic summarizes the report’s other key findings

* With energy consumption increasing along with the world’s population, electric cars, LEDs, smart grids, smart cities, dark silicon, new battery technology, and new ways of cooling data centers are some areas where advances in sustainability are expected.

* Silicon photonics will address bandwidth, latency, and energy challenges, and developments at all levels of the network stack will continue to drive research and the Internet economy

* In the area of software-defined networks, OpenFlow and SDN will make networks more secure, transparent, flexible, and functional.

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