US Total all liquids oil production is over 14 million barrels per day and crude oil production at 8.84 million barrels per day is within 100,000 barrels of the 1980s production peak

US crude oil production took a big surge of nearly 250,000 barrels per day up to 8.838 million barrels per day. Over half of that was Alaska’s oil production recovering to more normal levels from the prior weeks.

US oil field production history.

There was a harvard projection of oil production for the United States and the world which had the peak oil people going crazy.

Harvard’s Maugeri also had a 2013 projection of shale oil developments.

The US part of the projections is on track to turn out even better.

Iraq and other foreign countries are not hitting the projections because of unrest.

The Oil Drum was one of the peak oil sites that did not think the US shale oil boom would produce.

The Oil Drum tried to prove that the US could not reach a combined crude oil and natural gas liquid production level of 11.6 million barrels per day by 2020.

US Crude oil and natural gas liquid production is now
8.838 million barrels per day of crude
3.044 million barrels per day of natural gas liquid
for a 11.882 million barrels per day