Asking for sacrifice and poverty and virtuousness has failed

People ask why people are not willing to sacrifice for the environment and sacrifice for the greater good. You have to have a plan that will work. It is not about the tragedy of the commons. It is about the tragedy of bad and failed plans. People have been asking for sacrifice for the environment for over 50 years but it has not worked.

If you are fighting obesity and just blanket the media to tell everyone to go on a diet and exercise and picket Macdonalds what will happen ? Most people will still be gaining weight. They will eat at Burger King or 5 Guys Burger or Wendy’s. A plan that requires everyone to be virtuous, sacrificing and disciplined will and has failed.

Develop an anti-fat pill that is safe and exercise pills or other easy to administer treatments to achieve healthy weight loss across the population. Safe steroids (SARMS) can increase lean muscle mass and increase fat burning. DARPA was working for a treatment that would flip the metabolism of soldiers to be like sled dogs so that fat is burned for weeks or months and then undoing it. You could get results where things are fixed even if people are not perfect and do things that are not good for them.

For CO2, develop technology where energy is five times cheaper and cleaner and safe [like the Terrestrial Energy IMSR molten salt reactor], then the switch becomes easier. You do not ask poor people to stay poor or ask wealthy countries and people to become poor. You develop what is takes so that economic growth and prosperity is not harmful or is tolerable.

Develop concrete that absorbs CO2 instead of producing it. People want to build. If more building helps the environment it would be a win-win.

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