Carnival of Nuclear Energy 230

The Carnival of Nuclear Energy 230 is up at Areva Blog

New life for Idaho test reactor, are SMRs next? – Neutron Bytes, Dan Yurman

A nuclear test reactor built in 1959, refurbished in 1988, and shut down in 1994 will get a new lease on life. Idaho could be a site for a future SMR, but so far nobody is saying if or when.

EMC2 fusion has released technical results which show good containment and promising proof to justify a $30 million next experimental step towards possible commercial nuclear fusion.

Dynomak fusion reactor is a Sphermak variation that could be cheaper than coal power.

Significant nuclear reactor restarts for Japan will improve their emissions and financial situation by reducing oil imports.

Lightbridge is negotiating with utility and reactor partners to fund and test full scale all metal nuclear fuel.

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