Crafting a HeroX Xprize for Cheaply and Quickly Stopping Ebola

Ebola is running rampant over West Africa and Yale and Toronto Epidemiologists forecast that there could be 1.75 million cases before it burns out in 2016. This includes current levels of intervention and the 2.5 undercount factor.

The HeroX Challenge Breakthrough

Create cheap Ebola protection using materials that are commonly available in West Africa to meaningfully slow or stop the spread of Ebola.

A women used Garbage bags and other materials while she treated her family when they had Ebola.

Fatu covered herself with layers of trash bags and a rain coat to make sure she is properly protected. She wore a garbage bag on her socks and tied it to her leg. She then wore a rubber boot and covered it again with trash bag. She covered her hair with a stocking and a trash bag while on her body; she wore a rain coat and four layers of gloves on her arms. After that, she made sure she wore a mask.

During the Apollo 13 crisis, NASA used duct tape and the cover of the mission flight plan and plastic bags to modify square CO2 filters for a round hole.

In terms of judgement of the results

We need to have some experts determine how effective the gear and the procedures would be in reducing the spread.
We need to add in what is in the current official Ebola kits are and how much they cost.

There also should be the deployment plan as part of the effort

A low level would be trying to copy the girl

garbage bags on head and body
rubber gloves

$20 for 90 trashbags from costco

Gear for cargivers

Gear for every day for regular people in the hotzone