Comparing Electric Car Monthly Lease Costs with Apple iPhones with Family Plans

It is possible to find electric cars with monthly lease costs of $69-99 per month. These are usually leftovers from a prior year. Early in 2014, some Mitsubishi dealers went as low as $69 per month (for 24 months), with $2,100 down, on the 2013 I-MiEV. Currently there have been deals on Fiat 500e’s in the $99 per month range.

Some total costs of ownership calculations add about $120 per month to drive an electric car 1000 miles per month with electricity at 11 cents per kwh.

This would be about $220 per month for those lower lease cost situations and the operating costs (not including license and insurance).

The Smart ED for $99 a month: Get ’em while they’re hot. (Jim Motavalli photo)

TMobile has $100 per month family plans for 4 lines. Purchasing 4 Apple iPhone 6 pluses would be $749 each. This would $3000 versus a typical $2000 downpayment for the electric car lease. The $100 family plan also would have another $11 per month or so of taxes and charges.

Verizon Wireless has $160 per month plans for 4 smartphone lines. Their starting price for the Apple iPhone plus is $299 with a two year plan.

Fiat E

The Fiat E can have as much as $14000 in incentive credits Which bring the cost down from $31000 to about $17000.