EMC2 Park Presented on Polywell Fusion

Talk Polywell has the slides for Jaeyoung Park talk on Energy Matter Conversion Corporation (EMC2) research results Bussard developed this EMC2 fusion design before his death.

• Time resolved hard x-ray measurement provide the first ever direct and definitive confirmation of enhanced plasma confinement in high β cusp, a theoretical conjecture made by Grad and his team in 1950s.
• The enhanced electron confinement in high β cusp allows the Polywell fusion concept to move forward to complete the proof-of-principle test.
• If proven, Polywell device may become an attractive fusion reactor due to the following attributes
– stable high pressure operation from cusp
– good electron confinement by high β cusp
– ion acceleration and confinement by electric fusion

Polywell will not work with a charged Magrid. This was proven by Dr. Park and is currently being overlooked by analysts.
The actual key to viability is in the start-up cycle and having the ability to drive the potential well. WB proof was the key to considering adequate well depth. The next phase of testing would pursue investigation of adequate well depth.

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