Claimed Evidence of superconductivity near the boiling point of water

Superconductors.ORG herein reports the discovery of a new material that exhibits record superconductivity above 95 Celsius (203F, 368K). Its chemical formula is Sn5Sb5Ba2MnCu11O22+. This copper-oxide ceramic stands out among the 20 room-temperature superconductors discovered so far. Being non-toxic and non-brittle, it is RoHS compliant as well as more durable than previous formulations.

A Meissner transition above 95C appeared in more than a dozen magnetization tests of this material. The target J212 structure, like previous room-temperature discoveries, does not want to form naturally. This results in a very low volume fraction of the desired phase. Nonetheless, a diamagnetic transition in the range of 30-40 milli-Gauss is visible above the noise floor in both plots. The straight lines represent the average of the data points, skewing apart at Tc, the critical transition temperature.

With the discovery of 77C and 65C superconductors in early 2014, the importance of dielectric constant (K) in the X212 structure anion was confirmed.

The work is by Joe Eck, a private experimenter.

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