Fast and High Temperature Reactors

There is a high temperature reactor conference at the site of China HTR-PM (pebble bed reactor) from Oct 27-31. The HTR-PM is under construction.

* Single zone, pebble bed
* Super heat steam turbine (higher temperature for more efficiency)
* Like conventional turbine in fossil plant
* 1 turbine with 2 reactors
* More reactors are possible in future
* Modular concept : Inherently passively safety
* Simplified safety system
* Standard design
* Duplicable for future

Roles of HTGR in China
* Supplementary for electricity generation to the big pressure water reactors PWR
– Suitable for process heat application
– Suitable for international market
– SMR is more flexible for developing countrie

Here is a 2014 presentation on the HTR-PM

* Higher (20-50% more) efficiency in electricity generation than conventional nuclear plants
* Potential to participate in the complete energy market
* Market is growing for smaller reactors
* Position close to markets or heat users
* Savings in transmission costs
* Smaller capital cost
* Can achieve higher fuel burnup

150,000 years of uranium supply even without using 4 billion tons of uranium in the ocean

Fast Reactors

Fast and high temperature reactor presentation

Fast Reactor Technology Advantages
• Enhanced safety characteristics
• Atmospheric pressure in the primary circuit
• High thermal inertia
• Large coolant boiling margin
• Natural convection
• But, core is not in its most reactivity configuration
• Higher thermal efficiencies (higher temperatures)
• More efficient use of U resources
• Reduction of waste