Future of Work – Limo drivers, Limo Passengers and Business Jet Passengers

Those who work at Uber typically make far more money than those who drive for Uber.

The benefits and actual jobs have a huge difference Also, the future prospects for the category of work is an important matter for career and life planning.

Prospects will be worse and worse being told by computers what to do

Driving for Uber = peon
– pay your own insurance
– no guaranteed work
– No health benefits
– Dropped at a moment’s notice.
– ultimately will be replaced by self driving cars

like fuedal serf except less benefits.

Prospects are far better if you create the algorithms and business models for the computers

Work for Uber = aristocracy
– Stock options and bonuses
– Free lunch
– Unlimited Uber travel
– Uber employees can commute every day using Uber rides
– unlimited vacation
– full medical/dental, vision
– free gym

Business Insider describes a range of great perks for employees of technology startups.

The Owners and Funders of the Companies are in Business Jets and Yachts