In Depth and Detailed Analysis about the Future at Nextbigfuture

Reddit can be useful. It does promote content, although their main function is to have on Reddit discussions about other internet content.

Various sub-reddits behave differently and have different people running them.

However, the systems are inherently biased.

The subreddits will gain their popularity using the content of certain websites but then they will choose to turn upon them for a different selection of content.

The Science subreddit chose to switch to more science journal content. Reddit and the subreddits have their own audience and they are free to choose how they run their site.

If they want some subreddits to become like wikipedia with voting for the front page daily content that is their business.

Futurology started a few years ago. Sometimes in its early years the front of futurology was like a fraction of the nextbigfuture articles but delayed by a day or several days.

I believe that the conversations at futurology are not as informative as the one’s here.

My main issue is that they are saying that I tweeted out their URLs to get votes and are using that as the basis for their actions against me. My twitter feed is public.

Where are these tweets ? There should be a thousand of them. My articles have been on many subreddits. I have almost 16000 articles. I have not even tweeted out all of my own articles. 9303 tweets.

Why I think Nextbigfuture has more timely content and better discussions and analysis

Futurology is providing future themed content and discussion. People can go to many places for that and there is no expectation of exclusive relationships. They can come here and they can go to other websites. I believe I provide superior analysis of what is happening, what has happened and what will happen and the reasons for those things.

I recognize that there are bounds and thresholds that have to be crossed.

On Futurology they often talk about Basic Income and complete unemployment from robotic automation.

Here I provide the articles that show exactly how much robotic automation there is and the effects on employment and wages. I have also looked at the GINI index of wages and other aspects of inequality and unemployment.

At certain points well before 70% unemployment, there is a guarantee of wide spread revolution.

Here is paper that discusses income inequality as measured by the GINI index as a factor in the revolution in Egypt

People mention that I copy and paste. I am quoting from many references and I put together many sources.

I sometimes put out 10-15 articles per day. I have to imagine and know that there would be research talking about some aspect of an issue in order to find and link to the reference and seek out a quote.

i have to know that GDP economic growth effects the global supply chain, so that I have articles about the future of world shipping.

Here are three articles Nextbigfuture had yesterday about the future of world shipping.

World GDP should double by 2030 and this should increase world shipping tonnage from 9 billion tons to 19-24 billion tons per year.

Container ships available since 2013 are nearly twice as long as the Titanic. In 15 or so years, it will be economically worthwhile to have even larger ships but they will be limited by the depth of the Malacca strait.

The superships are having impact on the ports. Here is presented a solution being considered by the port at Venice, Italy

I have to know that there are issues at the ports, and issues with the depth of water at the ports and issues with the cranes and issues with the costs for several different options for resolving the problems.

On Futurology they have a top article talking about exponential versus linear growth and it is embedded in a flawed talk about peak oil and peak coal. This is a very rudimentary topic on the future which Ray Kurzweil has presented for the last 20-40 years multiple times per year. It was also discussed even during the early days of Moore’s law. Ray’s talk is mostly correct. The Bartlett talk is misinformation.

But apparently, a lot of people liked the newbie and repetitive futurist themed video.
Nextbigfuture also has basic and introductory articles for newcomers to futurist content.
The video also has flawed information about peak oil and peak coal by Al Bartlett.

Wikipedia – Albert Allen Bartlett (born March 21, 1923 and died September 7, 2013 in Boulder, Colorado) was an emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of Colorado at Boulder, USA. As of July 2001 Professor Bartlett had lectured over 1,742 times since September, 1969 on Arithmetic, Population, and Energy. In 2005, it was stated that Bartlett gave the same presentation 1,540 times.

Bartlett’s work had some influence. His work on exponential growth and population is referred to in depth in the Crash Course created by Chris Martenson and his organisation Peak Prosperity.

Nextbigfuture tracks energy in far more detail and that there is no risk for imminent peak in oil or coal.

4 days ago, Nextbigfuture had an article about the china moon mission.

The fourth Futurology article is about the China moon mission and it is one day old.