Reddit Futurology False Accusations

Reddit Futurology moderators have claimed that Nextbigfuture tweeted out reddit links for vote manipulation.

Previously there was a link on my blogroll to reddit which had the domain results for nextbigfuture.

Readers could go down the nextbigfuture results and support nextbigfuture articles that appeared on reddit.

This link has now been removed because apparently having fans that actually would do that is a bad thing.

Also, my personal reddit account named nextbigfuture (I was not hiding anything) is stealth banned at Reddit, so I cannot defend myself there.

I would also note that the four month Reddit Futurology ban happened to coincide with my posting an article which linked directly to Reddit in support of the Indiegogo campaign for LPP Fusion. Nextbigfuture supports the actual funding of future technology. I was then notified via google+ comment that was not cool and there are apparently over a dozen rules of Reddit about what you are and are not supposed to do. Plus there are unwritten rules, soft bans and shadow bans.

So now readers of nextbigfuture like the one above are submitting nextbigfuture titles with a link to the first of 8 links in my article. It was the primary topic.

Reddit can provide decent traffic at times. At best two percent of overall nextbigfuture traffic.

Out of 44.5 million pageviews about 1.1 million from Reddit.

I would note that most “sophisticated” Reddit traffic does not click on ads.

Yahoo hsrd traffic is far less but the Yahoo people actually click on ads.