Tesla Motor Model D is probably a dual engine 600 HP supercar and possibly with some advanced driver assistance

TechCrunch believes that the Tesla Motor D will be supercar version of the model S.

A ultra-high performance Model S would likely satisfy a niche market of buyers and fans alike. The Tesla Roadster is long gone and the Model S is getting a bit stale. As countless car makers before it, Tesla could extend the Model S’ shelf life by simply offering more exclusive editions.

Tesla could stuff an additional motor into the front boot of the Model S. I suspect Tesla would employ two of its smaller Model S engines in favor of less weight. Still, even with two of Tesla’s smallest motors, the output would be north of 600 hp. Additional batteries would likely be added to compensate for increased power draw.

Adding an additional motor would significantly increase its power to weight ratio, more than compensating for the added heft.

The Model S’s electric motor weighs about 350 lbs. If we assume everything else weighs the same on the so-called super Model S, and just an additional motor was added, the power to weight ratio of 11.4 decrease to 7.85, which is on par with the BMW M5’s 7.78 horsepower to 1 lb ratio. It’s a significant jump in power moving it to supercar performance territory.

Despite a slumping stock price, Tesla is still riding high. It doesn’t need a supercar, but such a model would act like its Corvette or Viper.

A tweet by CNN Money yesterday included a video of an interview with Elon Musk discussing autonomous cars, with Musk saying a Tesla car able to 90-percent self-drive would arrive next year. “A Tesla car next year will probably be 90% capable of autopilot,” he said. The eventual existence of a self-driving Tesla car is no surprise, with Musk previously saying we’d see one in 2016

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