A folding electric bike that can fit in a backpack

There is a kickstarter for a folding electric bike that weighs less than 5 kilograms (11 pounds) and can fit into a backpack.

They have used a carbon fiber as the primary material in the frame, making both extremely light and very durable. The “connecting box” in the middle of the frame is one of the handful of pieces made of heavier steel. This steel box can easily bear the weight of the rider and withstand the shocks associated with everyday use. In its current incarnation, Impossible can carry up to 85 kilograms or 180 pounds.

The disc motor of Impossible is both lightweight and powerful. With ten 2900mah 10A 3.6V 44.5g batteries, Impossible can travel up to 12.4 mph for 45 minutes (9 mile range at faster speed) or at normal speed for up to 15.6 miles.