Carnival of Nuclear Energy 239

1. Neutron Bytes – Nuclear Projects Come and Go in Idaho

A group of local businessmen in rural Butte County, Idaho, wants to build a 1500 MW commercial nuclear reactor at a site on private land near Howe, ID, located 10 miles west of the Idaho National Laboratory, and some 60 miles west of Idaho, Falls, ID. They are the latest in local efforts to pursue this type of effort.

A penny stock firm that allegedly took $14 million from investors, in a pump and dump stock scheme, based on claims it would build a nuclear power plant in Idaho is now in hot water with the SEC and the IRS. Civil and criminal charges have been filed by the SEC and the IRS against AEHI for stock fraud and tax evasion. A trial date on the criminal charges has been set for January.

U.S. Rep. Mike Simpson, who sits on the House Appropriations Committee, was able to insure that the omnibus appropriations bill that passed the House this week rejects cuts to the Idaho National Laboratory, and increases money for nuclear energy research.

2. Forbes – You Can Now Buy 100% Nuclear Energy – In Germany!

Germans can now go to a company called MAXATOMSTROM to purchase electricity that was produced completely from nuclear energy. Timed to coincide with the UN Climate Change Conference in Lima, Peru last week, the new power plan consists solely of nuclear power which leaves the smallest carbon footprint of any mix of sources, including renewables. It seems to be popular. 3,000 customers signed up in its first week.

3. NewsOK Dr Robert Hayes – Perspective: Engineering and the 10 commandments

Dr Hayes would like to elevate the practice of engineering to the level of being the 1st commandment, any takers?

4. Northwest Clean Energy Blog – Energy Northwest and Columbia Generating Station–Three Decades of Value

December 13, 2014 marks the 30th anniversary of Columbia Generating Station’s commercial operation. At the Northwest Clean Energy blog, Will Davis writes about the role the station has played and will play in supplying clean energy to the Northwest. Columbia Generating Station is a good neighbor, rain or shine, in the past and for decades to come.

5. ANS Nuclear Cafe: First Criticality at Shippingport

Herb Feinroth presents some of the details surrounding the first criticality and the early history of the first full scale commercial nuclear plant in the United States, in a post helping celebrate the 60th anniversary of the American Nuclear Society.

6. Yes Vermont Yankee – Governor Salmon Praises 42 years of Vermont Yankee

Thomas P Salmon was in the legislature in Vermont when the vote came to either build VY or import power from Canada. He voted against VY. When the plant was built, however, and when Salmon became Governor—he became a great supporter of VY and its clean reliable power. Now, as the plant closes, Salmon says to VY and its operators and employees: You Done Good.

7. Nextbigfuture – Nuclear energy is likely be one of the big winners as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe looks set to return to power after elections on Dec. 14.

“Abe can take up drastic policies once this election is over,” said Shigeaki Koga, a former trade ministry official who writes about energy and policy issues. “He will push through policies to promote nuclear power including restarting many of the reactors next year.”

“How much longer do we need to endure?” a group of energy-intensive industries asked in a petition submitted to government ministers earlier this year. “We need to know the path for survival.”

Japan will restart 25 of the 48 reactors by 2018, according to projections by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. The gap left by nuclear’s absence will be filled mainly by firing liquefied natural gas, said Yoko Nobuoka, an analyst for BNEF in Tokyo.

8. Nextbigfuture – Japan’s governing parties have won a two-thirds majority in the Lower House election.

The Liberal Democratic Party led by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and its coalition partner, Komeito, garnered 326 seats, one more than a two-thirds majority, in the 475-seat Lower House.

A two-thirds majority in the chamber will allow the re-enactment of bills rejected by the Upper House. A two-thirds majority in the Lower House also makes it possible to propose amending the Constitution.

Prime Minister Abe told NHK that he will give top priority to the economy and pursue economic diplomacy to heighten Japan’s status. He said he will enact legislation regarding security in the next Diet session to protect the people’s lives.

Abe is expected early next year to give final approval to the restart of two nuclear reactors. Abe will likely move to restart two dozen of the 48 operable nuclear reactors in Japan.

9. Nextbigfuture – Russia has agreed to India’s request to expand the number of nuclear energy units it is supposed to construct in the country, 20 to 24 from the initial 14 to 16 units. India made the request based on its growing energy demand. The countries will start negotiating the construction of a fifth and sixth nuclear reactors at the Kudankulam nuclear plant soon.