Fastest Internet in the world is in Minneapolis with 10 gigabits per second

US Internet announced Tuesday that it will use that network to offer 10-gigabit-per-pecond Internet speed, which is among the fastest Internet service available today. That’s 400 times faster than the average download speed in Minnesota, 25 megabits per second, according to Ookla, an Internet diagnostic firm.

The Minnetonka firm, US Internet, offers fiber-optic service to about 30,000 households in southwest Minneapolis.
“The fastest Internet in the world is going to be here in Minneapolis starting this afternoon,” said Joe Caldwell, co-CEO of US Internet. “We’re talking about a game-changing speed.”

The service will cost $400 per month, Caldwell said. The company already offers 1-gigabit-per-second service for $65 per month to the same 30,000 households west of Interstate 35W, and plans to expand its network east of 35W, mostly to neighborhoods south of Lake Street.

The upstart US Internet hopes to take business away from Comcast. First it must bury fiber-optic cable next to sidewalks in dozens of neighborhoods around the city. The smaller firm recently dropped the price on its 1-gigabit service from $114 per month to $65 per month.

Comcast charges $77 per month for 50-megabit-per-second service and $67 per month for 25-megabit-per-second service.

US Internet offers 100-megabit service, roughly the speed of the Internet at many people’s offices, for $45 per month, Caldwell said. That’s the most popular plan for the company. Only a “couple thousand” households in southwest Minneapolis pay for the 1-gigabit service, and the group willing to pay $400 per month for 10 gigs will be smaller still.

Cspire also rolling out Gigabit internet

C Spire Fiber will provide 100 times faster Gigabit Internet access, digital HD television and home phone and automation services in 10 Mississippi cities in its initial phase.

High-speed gigabit Internet service has been popping up all across the country, just not in Memphis. Now, its coming to Corinth, Mississippi.

Corinth recently became the first in the area to qualify for C Spire’s new Fiber to the Home initiative. The 1 gigabit-per-second service is 100 times faster than standard broadband access.

To qualify, Corinth reached the needed 45 percent target for pre-registration for homeowners, which C Spire has used as a precursor to launching the service. The new service should become available next year.