Making better qubits and quantum computer systems at IARPA

1. The goal of the Coherherent Superconducting Qubit (CSQ) program is to demonstrate a reproducible, ten-fold increase in coherence times in superconducting qubits.

To achieve this goal, researchers are focused on developing
1) fundamental understanding of defects that currently limit coherence times (T1 and T2) and readout fidelity;
2) means to characterize, measure and definitively discriminate between separate defect mechanisms contributing to loss and dephasing; and
3) novel designs, materials and fabrication methods to eliminate these defects.

2. The Multi-Qubit Coherent Operations Program aims to resolve the technical challenges involved in fabricating and operating multiple qubits in close proximity. The main themes of the program include qubit fabrication and yield; cross talk within the multi-qubit system; incorporation of the controls necessary to operate multiple qubits; coupling qubits to generate a universal gate set for quantum operations; and minimizing the overall system footprint. The program is comprised of different technologies including atomic and solid state based qubits. The end goal of the program is to execute quantum algorithms using multiple qubits and to evaluate the performance using a metric that can scale to higher qubit numbers.