State of Artificial Intelligence and Nanotechnology

There are some readers who ask a question along the lines of “Why aren’t there more articles about Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology and Biotechnology ?

There were several articles over the last four days here about
addressable quantum dots [nanotechnology and quantum computers]

Molecular electronics via conducting DNA

Complex 3D structures are being built from DNA.

Large structures 1000 times larger than what was previously believed possible have been built with DNA.

New levels of machine Intelligence by understanding cortical structures.

Details on the superconducting computer research at IARPA and making better superconducting qubits at IARPA

Substantial effort was put into researching the leading edge of Artificial Intelligence with video tutorials for Deep learning and Deep reinforcement learning.

Deep Learning and deep reinforcement learning is the basis for the work being done by Demis Hassibis who is a co-founder of Google Deep Mind. I have video of Demis explaining his views on AI and his views on the other approaches to AI

Shane Legg the other co-founder of Deep Mind provided insight to the Algorithmic Intelligence Quotient. These are tests which can be used to allow daily adjustments and measurement of the improvement of the intelligence of algorithms.

AI image recognition, voice recognition and robotic automation are about to make new leaps in capability. The improved quantum computing will also boost the capabilities of machine learning

Google and others will be leveraging this for major new industries and economic impact.

In biotechnology, there are legal fights, multi-billion companies, and startups with tens to hundreds of millions of investment fighting over genetic engineering breakthroughs and getting disease cures through clinical trials and FDA approvals.