787 Enables faster direct international travel and true revolution will come with widespread discount international flying

Chinese airlines are planning regular direct flights from silicon Valley to Beijing. The flights will take 12 hours instead of typical 16 hour flights now.

United is using Boeing 787-9 for service between Los Angeles and Melbourne, Australia.

At a distance of 7,920 miles (6,855 nautical miles), the Los Angeles-Melbourne route is the world’s longest with regular Dreamliner service. The 787-9’s extended range is 8,550 miles compared with the 787-8’s 8,200 miles.

There are also new direct flights from North America to India.

Boeing 787s and Airbus A350s are opening up direct Europe to US routes between secondary cities.

The 787 is enabling discount international airlines. The impact will be greater when more 787s are in service to allow for more flights per day. Norwegian airlines is an example of airline using 787s for direct flights from smaller airports like Oakland in the San Francisco bay area.

I have flown a 787 Dreamliner direct from Oakland to Stockholm. The cabin is more comfortable and the flight with Norwegian airlines was cheaper.

The flight is more comfortable

6,000 feet cabin means you feel better after the flight

That’s the simulated elevation of the cabin of the 787 at cruise. That is 2,000 ft. lower than every other jetliner today. For the traveler, especially on long-haul flights, this will be transformative to how they feel when they get to their destination.

Imagine sleeping more soundly because of the increased oxygen content. Imagine not being dehydrated.

New routes

The 787 will be able to connect cities that previously could not be connected by non-stop travel because of its range capabilities and lower cost.