Carnival of Nuclear Energy 242

The Carnival of Nuclear Energy 242 is up Atomic Power Review

Forbes – 2014 – The Year In Energy

Energy soared in 2014, but the place to watch was China. China has embarked on the biggest energy expansion in world history and 2014 was the year when it all came together. China is diversifying its energy mix like no other country in the world, and now leads the world in almost all energy-related matters. China now has more natural gas reserves than anyone, has installed more wind and solar than anyone, produces and uses more coal than anyone, and soon will add nuclear power to this list of mosts.

Nextbigfuture – Economists had fundamental problems modeling the economy because they did not understand basic phyics and engineering. Correctly accounting for the first two laws of thermodynamics increases the impact of energy on the economy by ten times.

A paper shows that the failure to describe modern economies adequately is not due to the introduction of calculus into economic theory by the so-called ‘marginal revolution’ during the second half of the 19th century, when the mathematical formalism of physics decisively influenced economic theory. Rather, the culprit is the disregard of the first two laws of thermodynamics and of technological constraints in the theory of production and growth of industrial economies.

Nextbigfuture – Solar and Nuclear can be built by 2030 to provide non-polluting power

While there have been large scale, significant solar power installations in the US recently they won’t cover the entire energy requirement. Next Big Future covers the solar increases as well as potential nuclear fuel improvements that could lead to a vast uprate of the nation’s nuclear power plants.