Diamandis wants you to think exponential, think like a billionaire and create Moonshot businesses that go ten times bigger

Peter Diamandis started or co-founded the Xprize foundation and Singularity, Planetary Resources (asteroid mining), Longevity Inc (Radical life extension). He has a new book and videos to get more people in the right mindset and with some skills and resources to deal with an age of rapid exponential change.

The books and video are an attempt to encapsulate the core concepts of Singularity University into a book and videos.

In the three part training video series, you’ll learn How to Predict the Future by understanding the 6 Stages of Exponential Growth, the Thinking Strategies used by today’s Billionaires, and the Secret to Finding Your Massively Transformative Purpose

To Become a Billionaire, Help a Billion People.
Technology is democratizing the power to change the world. BOLD spells out how you can spy the opportunities and put your vision into action, blazing a path from mind to market.

Diamandis is offering-
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FREE BONUS #4 — Equity Crowdfunding Guide

Introduction – The world has fundamentally changed. Agility trumps size. Today the world’s biggest problems are the world’s greatest opportunities.

Chapter 1 — Goodbye Linear Thinking… Hello, Exponential

40 percent of today’s Fortune 500 companies will be gone in ten years. Products and services are being dematerialized and demonetized. The entrepreneurs who win are those who can think exponentially.

Chapter 2 — Exponential Technology

Reading an exponential roadmap is key to your success. Understanding when technology is going from deceptive to disruptive. 3D printing is just one example that will disrupt a trillion dollar industry.

Chapter 3 — Five to Change the World

Robotics, infinite computing, synthetic biology, artificial intelligence, and networks and sensors are the technologies that will produce the next group of billionaires. But you don’t need to be a technologist to play this game.

Chapter 4 — Climbing Mount Bold

What does Lockheed Skunkworks and GoogleX have in common? What are Google’s 8 innovation principles that you should be applying to your next startup?

Chapter 5 — The Secrets of Going Big

Super-Credibility and Stone Soup are two terms you probably don’t know, but exponential entrepreneurs depend on both to punch above their weight class.

Chapter 6 — Billionaire Wisdom

Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Larry Page and Jeff Bezos share eight key strategies that heltp them think at scale. These are the same psychological tools and mental strategies that you should use as an exponential entrepreneur.

Chapter 7 — Crowdsourcing

With five billion people online by 2020, the most successful entrepreneurs and companies will use the power of the hyper-connected crowd to source their latest ideas, products and solutions. Here’s the way to do it.

Chapter 8 — Crowdfunding

By 2020, $100 billion of capital is coming on-line from Crowdfunding. Here’s a proven and detailed how-to guide to turn the crowd into your personal cash machine for funding your next product or service.

Chapter 9 — Building Communities

Communities built Wikipedia and Linux (both valued at tens of billions). Communities can design your next products, spread your video to millions, or finance your next company. Here’s the how-to guide for building your powerful community.

Chapter 10 — Incentive Competitions

Incentive prizes let you tap into the world’s smartest people to help you solve your biggest problem. The best part is that you don’t pay until after it’s solved. Even better, it works… Here’s h

About BOLD: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World

From the coauthors of the #2 New York Times bestseller Abundance comes their much anticipated follow-up: BOLD—a radical, how-to guide to using exponential technologies, moonshot thinking and crowd-powered tools to create extraordinary wealth in your own life while simultaneously creating a world of abundance.

In Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think, Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler explored how four potent emerging forces—exponential technologies, the DIY innovator, technophilanthropists and the rising billion—give us the power to solve many of the world’s grandest challenges and the potential to meet the needs of every man, woman and child over the next two to three decades. In BOLD, they offer the next step: a highly practical playbook that arms today’s entrepreneurs, activists and leaders with the tools they’ll need to positively impact the lives of billions while making their biggest dreams come true.

BOLD unfolds in three parts. Part One focuses on the exponential technologies which are disrupting today’s Fortune 500 companies and enabling upstart entrepreneurs to go from ‘I’ve got an idea’ to ‘I run a billion-dollar company’ far faster than ever before. With advice garnered from their own experience and hundreds of interviews with Silicon Valley elite, the authors provide exceptional insight into how anyone can harness the power of 3D printing, artificial intelligence, robotics, networks and sensors, and synthetic biology—the very technologies enabling today’s entrepreneurs to tackle the kinds of enormous challenges that were once only possible for governments and major corporations. Part Two of the book focuses on Psychology of Bold—the mental toolkit that allows the world’s top innovators to raise their game by thinking at scale, including detailed interviews with and lessons from Larry Page, Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos. Also in Part Two, Kotler reveals the keys to ultimate human performance garnered from fifteen years of research with the Flow Genome Project and Diamandis reveals his entrepreneurial secrets garnered from building fifteen companies, including such audacious ventures as Singularity University, the XPRIZE, Planetary Resources (for the mining of near-Earth Asteroids) and Human Longevity, Inc. (focused on extending the healthy human life-span). Finally, BOLD closes with a look at the incredible power and essential best practices that allow anyone to leverage today’s hyper-connected crowd like never before. Here, Diamandis and Kotler teach how to design and use incentive competitions to find breakthrough solutions, how to launch million-dollar crowdfunding campaigns to tap into ten’s of billions of dollars of available capital, and finally how to build communities – armies of exponentially enabled individuals willing and able to help today’s entrepreneurs make their boldest dreams come true.

BOLD: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World is both a manifesto and a manual. It is today’s exponential entrepreneur’s go-to resource on the use of emerging technologies, thinking at scale, and the awesome power of crowd-powered tools like crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and incentive competitions. All around us, technology is democratizing the power to change the world, and BOLD spells out how anyone can spy the opportunities and put their vision into action, blazing a path from mind to market.

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