Private Russian company Lin Industrial talks big about a $9.3 billion moonbase about 2030

Tass reports that the Russian company “Lin Industrial”, which is developing a missile ultralight “Taimyr”, declares its readiness to establish a base on the moon within 10 years after the decision. The cost base, according to preliminary estimates, will amount to 550 billion rubles [9.3 billion]., Told Tass general designer firm Alexander Ilyin.

“The cost of creating a lunar base on the first phase of the two crew members and the second stage for four people, according to preliminary estimates, will amount to 550 billion rubles.” – Said Ilyin.

He stressed that the project involves the use of existing techniques and tools that can be created in the next five years. So, as a booster is proposed to use an upgraded heavy “Angara”, which took its first flight in late December. The ship, according to Ilyin, you can create on the basis of buildings lander and the orbital module “Unions” and the lunar module landing – on the basis of the upper stage “Fregat”.

The draft program of development of deep space sent for approval to the Russian Cabinet on the lunar program in 2014-2025 has been proposed to allocate about 2 trillion rubles. Thus manned mission to the moon and deployment of the first elements of the lunar infrastructure are planned after 2030.

“Lin Industrial” proposes to carry out 13 launches of heavy rockets to build base on the moon, just as life-support base needed 37 starts for five years.

Privately owned Lin Industrial — which counts “World of Tanks” developer Sergei Burkatovsky among potential backers. World of Tanks is a popular online game with tens of millions (US $) in monthly revenue

Lin Industrial is a Russian startup business that believes sending satellites into space should be less epic blastoff and more paper airplane.

Only recently entering the Skolkovo fold as a resident, the company already has a co-investor and is filing for a grant to develop ultralight rocket technology that it says will make escaping earth’s gravity child’s play.

Once it’s off the drawing board, the Aldan rocket – named after a gold-flecked river in Far Eastern Siberia – will be able to shuttle microsatellites to low-earth orbit for a fraction of the current costs

Lin Industrial estimates it needs to raise at least 500 million rubles ($13.5 million) to get to the stage where it can launch a prototype rocket.

Currently, the company has completed an engineering study into the fuel delivery system and is designing the prototype.

The first lunar settlement

The company has already figured out where you can deploy the first lunar settlement – a mountain Malapert in the Moon’s south pole. “This is a fairly flat plateau with direct visibility of the Earth, which provides good conditions for communication and is a convenient place to land. On the mountain for 89% of the time there is sunlight, and the duration of the night, which happens only a few times a year does not exceed 3 6 days, “- said Ilyin.

Commenting on this initiative, director of the Space Research Institute of RAS Leo Green said that the project symbolizes the return of interest in the study and exploration of the Moon. “But to talk about the construction of a settlement is too early,” – said the academician.

Green explained that first you need to choose a landing site, to create technologies that provide delivery and human activity on the Moon, to determine the objectives for astronauts and resolve the issue of radiation protection. The concept proposed by RAS and Roskosmos, these things are provided, reminded the director of the institute, offering to consider the project “Lin Industrial” “Artek imagination.”

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