Roadster 3.0 upgrade shows Tesla will upgrade Model S to 500+ mile range in 2017 and the advantage of upgrade overhauls

Tesla recently provided upgrades for 2400 Roadsters sold from 2008 to 2012 with a boost in range to over 400 miles Tesla is is probably the only Technology company to retrofit an older generation product with the latest technology. The old range was 244 miles. The first Roadsters in 2008 were becoming due for new battery packs.

The improved range are from
* new lithium-ion battery pack with higher energy density (70 kwh instead of 53 kwh)
* a new “aero kit” that reduces drag on the car
* new tires with less rolling resistance

Tesla Model S will have 500+ mile range probably by 2017 – 2018; and all the existing Model S, could be retrofitted with the new Battery Packs, when available.

Battery Swaps and Component Upgrade Overhaul for electric cars

Tesla is testing out battery swapping. They can just pull the whole battery pack out of cars and replace them in minutes.
The Roadster battery, aero kit and tire overhaul shows that it is far easier and simpler to upgrade electric cars versus gasoline combustion vehicles.

the undercarriage of a Telsa Model X. The battery, electric motors and wheels.

The battery swapping technique of taking a battery pack out and putting in a new one in as little as 90 seconds

Tesla luxury car could justify longer life for electric cars

Previously the replacement of the battery pack in an electric car was viewed as a major cost and flaw. Tesla could change this into a periodic (every 6-10 year) overhaul and upgrade of the car. Two upgrade overhauls could see an electric car lasting 18-30 years and being better than new with longer range and improved performance.

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