Some of the Weapons that make Israel a top arms exporter

Israel has averaged being the number 5 arms exporter over the last five years. Israel had a drop in arms exports in 2013. Usually Israel is exporting about $6-7 billion per year in military weapons. Israel is the number one exporter of drones. The USA produces far more drones but uses almost all of them for their own defence.

Here is a sample of the some of the equipment that Israel sells to other countries.

Bodyguard – IMI

An armored fighting vehicle that can carry six infantrymen to a variety of battlefields. According to IMI, its armor protects it from a range of threats, including gunfire, shockwaves, mines, and IEDs. IMI says that it has high maneuverability over rocks, terraces, and other obstacles up to 80 centimeters high, can transverse mud and sand and even canals up to 1.50 meters deep. It can reach speeds of 150 km/h (90 mph) on paved roads and 120 km per hour (72 mph) on dirt roads.

Hanit – Elbit Systems

A fully automated 120-mm mortar system. This is a modular system that can precisely fire bombs and can be installed a variety of vehicles, including jeeps and hummers. These capabilities expand the system’s mobility to meet the needs of special forces in a variety of combat theaters. The company says that the system is lighter than comparable systems, can be moved from place to place with the forces, expanding their firepower to the enemy’s rear.

HSF armor

Plasan Sasa, owned by Kibbutz Sasa, is unveiling its latest armor kit developed to defend tanks and other vehicles from RPGs. In contrast to other armor kits on the market, the company says that its hybrid slat fence (HSF) armor is lightweight, allowing it to be installed quickly over vehicle windows and other vulnerable parts of vehicles operating in combat zones, while keeping maximum convenience for crews. Pasan Sasa has patented the HSF armor.

Green Rock Mobile Radar

This is a mobile tactical radar system to protect ground forces in a variety of operations areas. IAI subsidiary Elta Systems says that the system can identify incoming rocket, artillery, and mortar fire, movement of UAVs and paragliders and warn the troops. The system identifies the source of the fire to enable precision counterfire. The radar can be deployed at exposed outposts or on top of a small vehicle four routine operations, such as patrols along hot borders.

SOURCE – wikipedia, jewishbusinessnews