Two Real Military Projects that must be merged – Robotic Sharks and combat lasers

Wired reports that the Navy has a working robotic shark.

It is five feet long and nearly 100 pounds, is about the size of an albacore tuna but looks more like a shark, at least from a distance. It’s part of an experiment to explore the possibilities of using biomimetic, unmanned, underwater vehicles, and the Navy announced it wrapped up testing of the design last week.

The robot uses its tail for propulsion and control, like a real fish. It can operate in water as shallow as 10 inches or dive down to 300 feet. It can be controlled remotely via a 500-foot tether, or swim independently, periodically returning to the surface to communicate. Complete with dorsal and pectoral fins, the robofish is stealthy too: It looks like a fish and moves like a fish, and, like other underwater vehicles, is difficult to spot even if you know to look for it.

The US Army, Navy and Air force all have combat lasers in testing or field testing. Ships, fighter planes, humvees, trucks with combat lasers.

Now both exist. Robotic Sharks and Combat Lasers

Integrate them. Make the robotic shark bigger and put combat lasers onto it.

Trillions of tax payer money is already wasted. Tens of billions on 11th through 13 aircraft carrier groups. Hundreds of billions extra on overpriced fighter jets. Spend thirty million dollars and integrate the robotic shark with combat lasers. You cannot get this close and not put them together.

You have the chocolate and the peanut butter. Make the Peanut butter cup.

Sharks with friggin lasers on their heads

As Arnold says. Do it. Do it Now

The other thing that must be done. Get Henry Winkler and a waterski ramp. Jump that Robotic Shark

If we need to I think successful Kickstarters can be created.

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