UK Taranis unmanned combat aircraft demostrator likely basis for post-2030 UK airforce

Taranis is an unmanned combat aircraft system advanced technology demonstrator programme. The Taranis demonstrator is the result of one-and-a-half-million man hours of work by the UK’s leading scientists, aerodynamicists and systems engineers from 250 UK companies. The technological advances made through Taranis will also help the UKMOD and Royal Air Force make decisions on the future mix of manned and unmanned fast jet aircraft and how they will operate together in a safe and effective manner for the UK’s defences.

The UK’s post-2030 force structure may include a Taranis-like UCAV and/or an upgraded Typhoon fighter fleet A UCAV [unmanned combat air vehicle] along the lines of [the BAE Systems] Taranis is one potential element of this force mix, along with an additional buy of [Lockheed Martin F-35] Lightning II, a [Eurofighter] Typhoon life extension, or an alternative new-build manned aircraft. The Taranis technology demonstration programme (TDP) aims to develop key technologies and systems for a future operational UCAV acquisition programme.

Remote Control: Remotely Piloted Air Systems – current and future UK use (58 pages)

Remote Control:
Remotely Piloted Air Systems – current and future UK use: Government Response to the Committee’s Tenth Report of Session 2013–14 (17 pages)

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