Beijing getting new airport with largest terminal building

Beijing plans to spend around US$14 billion to build a new airport. It will be completed in 2018.

The new airport will have four runways in its first phase and would handle nearly as many passengers as the existing Beijing Capital Airport. The plans have provisions for three additional runways as needed. As many as 142 million passengers a year are expected to travel via Beijing by 2020. The Beijing New Airport Terminal Building will be part of the expanded airport.

Building Design online has reported that the terminal will measure 700,000 sq m (7,534,737 sq ft)

In 2014, Atlanta was the busiest airport in the USA and the World with 72 million passengers. Beijing is expected to have double those number of passengers in 2020.

Architect Zaha Hadid is working with airport specialist ADPI on plans for a major new terminal in Daxing, Beijing, that will accommodate 45 million passengers per year.

Several airports are expected to get to over 100 million passengers by 2020.

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