Calacanis predicts that Apple will buy Tesla Motors

Jason Calacanis, serial entrepreneur, has predicted that Apple will buy Tesla Motors for $75 billion within 18 months.

There are reports of a massive project at Apple, with hundreds of executives working on an electric minivan. Additionally, an Apple self-driving car has been spotted on the roads.

Elon has been very public in saying that in order to complete the mission at Tesla he needs to get the third generation car out.

Jason believes Apple would be desperate to buy Tesla between when the Gen 3 is announced but before it is delivered, because once the Model 3 hits the road Tesla’s market cap would make a deal with Apple a merger — not an acquisition.

Nextbigfuture agrees that it would be good for Apple to buy Tesla and Apple could offer to buy it.

Nextbigfuture sees little reason for Elon Musk to agree to do it.

An online list of public ownership in Tesla Motors in 2012

Musk, Elon R.                         27,203,237        23.6%
Fidelity Investments                  17,055,505        14.8%
Capital Research and Management Co     7,081,093        6.1%
Morgan Stanley Investment Management   5,355,293        4.6%
Daimler AG (XTRAAI)                    4,867,929        4.2%
The Vanguard Group, Inc.               3,410,804        3.0%
Allianz Global Investors AG            3,408,824        3.0%
Artisan Partners Limited Partnership   3,318,400        2.9%
Marsico Capital Management, LLC        3,261,721        2.8%
BlackRock, Inc. (NYSE:BLK)             2,548,523        2.2%
Wells Capital Management Incorporated  2,371,652        2.1%

More recent Nasdaq list of institutional holdings

1.  FMR LLC                             8,385,119
2.  BAILLIE GIFFORD & CO                6,030,685
4.  MORGAN STANLEY                      4,303,356
5.  VANGUARD GROUP INC                  3,395,745

SOURCE – Nasdaq, Calacanis, Tesla motors