China’s second aircraft carrier construction start reports have been deleted

There was a report from the Global Times and that was report was referred to by WantChinaTimes that China was nearing the construction phase for its second aircraft carrier.

The Washington Post reported that the Global Times article and social media references to the start of construction for the second aircraft carrier have been deleted.

The government in Changzhou, in eastern Jiangsu province, boasted Sunday on social media that a local firm had won a contract to supply electrical cabling for the carrier. It later deleted the post, but not before it had been widely circulated. A report in a local newspaper was also withdrawn.

It remains unclear whether the new aircraft carrier will be conventionally or nuclear powered, though according to the Voice of Russia, China intends to have two conventionally-powered aircraft carriers to accumulate the necessary experience to boost the PLA Navy’s offshore attack capabilities.

Photo of the first Chinese aircraft carrier

SOURCES -WantChinaTimes, Global Times, Washington Post