Gasoline average $2.33 per gallon in the USA except for California where it is $3.03

Gasoline prices are below $2.51 per gallon across the USA except in California. California has a refinery strike and a special California only blend of gasoline. Drivers across the USA are paying $2.33, which is 29 cents more than the $2.04 of a month ago.

California had a refinery fire at the Exxon Mobil plant in Torrance and a strike that’s closed down a Martinez refinery.

Gasoline prices hit an average of $3.03 a gallon Wednesday, the first time they’ve exceeded $3 since Christmas. And while the current level is still far below the $3.80 price a year ago, significant hikes are expected in the days ahead. Some gas stations in the Bay Area are charging in the $3.50 range for regular unleaded.

Nextbigfuture had reported back in October, 2014 that gasoline would be in the $2.50 range for 2015 and possibly decades beyond.

SOURCES -EIA, Mercury News, ABC7 News