Replication of Energy Catalyzer explodes and Rossi 1 megawatt E-Cat is in a 400 day endurance test

An attempt by the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project to replicate E-Cat, Andrea Rossi’s alleged cold fusion reactor, ended explosively yesterday after the reactor heated to over 1,000C.

MFMP’s Project Dog Bone is aiming at producing large amounts of excess heat as claimed by Rossi, professor Alexander Parkhomov of Lomonosov Moscow State University and independent US researcher Jack Cole.

Parkhomov has published open and detailed experimental procedures and results.

Nextbigfuture described the Parkhomov results and the race to replicate that has been triggered.

The reactor can be seen cracking apart with a loud bang three hours 47 minutes into the embedded video.

A 1 MW e-cat plant is currently under test at a customer’s facility.

For 400 days of operation, a maximum cumulative total of 35 days can have stoppages to make improvements, adjustments and maintenance. The operation is intended for 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

SOURCES – Wired UK, Youtube, E-catworld