Russia developing a new aircraft carrier that would be bigger than the US Nimitz class

Scientists Krylovskogo State University in St. Petersburg are testing a new Russian aircraft carrier design. The concept is being tested in the laboratory. If the experiments are successful, scientists will create the layout in 1: 1 scale metal scale model. It will be an aircraft carrier which can accommodate up to 100 aircraft. The US Nimitz class aircraft carriers hold 90 aircraft.

Optimization reduces the resistance of the vessel hull 20%. The aircraft carrier will be equipped with power plants and modern avionics and missile weapons. The structure of the deck aircraft will allow take off even in the face of stormy weather.

China’s Xinhua had reported that Russia has worked out a long-term military development program that envisages construction of an aircraft carrier in the 2030s.

“This will be a versatile warship equipped with manned and unmanned aircraft systems and also robotic systems capable of operating in all possible environments, including outer space. Such a vessel may appear in the 2030s,” Interfax news agency quoted him as saying.