Spacex launch delayed until Wednesday

The Spacex Falcon 9 went vertical early this morning in advance of tonight’s launch of the DSCOVR satellite. Liftoff is targeted for 6:10pm EST – live launch webcast will begin at 5:50pm EST. The Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR), a satellite in partnership with NOAA, NASA, and the US Air Force, will observe and provide advanced warning of extreme emissions from the sun which can affect power grids, communications systems, and satellites close to Earth.

UPDATE – Launch Postponed, Today’s launch of the DSCOVR mission is scrubbed due to loss of the Air Force’s Eastern Range radar, which is required for launch. Earliest next opportunity is tomorrow, Monday, Feb. 9th at 6:07pm ET. Tuesday, Feb 10 Wednesday, Feb 11. High winds on Tuesday scrubbed that launch window.

Previous images of the landing barge where again Spacex will attempt to land the first stage on this mission