Spiderman and Marvel movie franchises will have a shared universe

Marvel Spider-Man will be in the third Captain America movie. Captain America Civil War.

Sony and Disney have come to an agreement where Spiderman will appear in some Disney marvel movies and there will be cross promotion of Spiderman movies with Marvel Movies. Spiderman will also appear in Avengers Infinity War part 1 and part 2.

Spiderman had been licensed to Sony for movies. Sony has the rights to Spiderman so long as they keep making movies.

The Spiderman movie franchise will be rebooted again. There will also be a new actor playing Spiderman.

This may also be model for 20th Century Fox which has Fantastic Four and the X-men movie franchises. Fantastic Four and X-men will have a shared movie universe as well but currently it will not overlap with Avengers and Spiderman.