Boeing patents temporary plasma forcefields that will reduce shockwaves from explosions

Boeing has a patent for temporary “forcefields” against shockwaves. The blast shockwave would be attenuated by creating a plasma.

An arc generator may be configured to generate a focused microwave beam or a focused laser beam. The focused beam rapidly heats the air in the selected region and changes its temperature, density and composition, the latter the result of the creation of free electrons.

The arc generator may be adapted to create a conducting path for the electric current. Accordingly, the arc generator may be configured to generate one or more of a laser-induced plasma channel (LIPC) from converging laser beams, ionizing tracer pellets fired along converging paths, and projectiles trailing fine electrical wires fired along converging paths. In each of these embodiments, an electric arc may be generated to travel along a conducting path created by dielectric breakdown of ionized ambient air at the selected region.

The plasma would alter electric and magnetic properties and other conditions to reflect, refract, absorb and deflect at least a portion of the shockwave.

SOURCE- US Patent office