Russia and India designing fifth generation stealth version of the Su-35S super flanker

Moscow and New Delhi have agreed to perform design work in India on what Russia claims would be a “fifth generation” version of the Su-35, an agreement that may lead to an Indian variant of the fighter jet, the Russian Military Complex chief said.

The announcement makes India the first country to sign a contract, however preliminary, for the S version of the Su-35.

Russia claims the Su-35S would be a fifth generation fighter, as opposed to the legacy fourth generation Su-35.

Russian industry sources said the fighter will be priced at $85 million. That could make it competitive with Dassault Aviation’s Rafale, and could have implications for India’s proposed purchase of 126 Rafales. New Delhi selected the Rafale as the preferred bidder in a protracted competition in 2012, but has yet to make a final decision on the purchase.

India remains dependent on Russia to supply weaponry and the two countries have been successful in conducting joint development programs involving advanced technologies, including the co-production of the supersonic BrahMos cruise missile.

The Su-35S is the best fighter plane that the Russians are currently flying.

One of the Su-35’s major advantages is that it carries a large (8 ton) payload of air-to-air missiles.

wikipedia has specifications for the Su-35s

SU-35s General characteristics

Crew: 1
Length: 21.9 m (72.9 ft)
Wingspan: 15.3 m (50.2 ft, with wingtip pods)
Height: 5.90 m (19.4 ft)
Wing area: 62.0 m² (667 ft²)
Empty weight: 18,400 kg (40,570 lb)
Loaded weight: 25,300 kg (56,660 lb) at 50% internal fuel
Max. takeoff weight: 34,500 kg (76,060 lb)
Powerplant: 2 × Saturn 117S (AL-41F1S) turbofan with thrust vectoring nozzle
Dry thrust: 8,800 kgf (86.3 kN, 19,400 lbf) each
Thrust with afterburner: 14,500 kgf (142 kN, 31,900 lbf) each
Fuel capacity: 11,500 kg (25,400 lb) internally


Maximum speed:
At altitude: Mach 2.25 (2,390 km/h, 1,490 mph)
At sea level: Mach 1.15 (1,400 km/h, 870 mph)

At altitude: 3,600 km (1,940 nmi)
At sea level: 1,580 km (850 nmi)
Ferry range: 4,500 km (2,430 nmi) with 2 external fuel tanks
Service ceiling: 18,000 m (59,100 ft)
Rate of climb: >280 m/s (>55,000 ft/min)
Wing loading: 408 kg/m² (500.8 kg/m² with full internal fuel) (84.9 lb/ft² 50% fuel)
Thrust/weight: 1.126 at 50% fuel (0.92 with full internal fuel)
Maximum g-load: +9 g

SU-35S Armament

Guns: 1× 30 mm GSh-30 internal cannon with 150 rounds
Hardpoints: 12 hardpoints, consisting of 2 wingtip rails, and 10 wing and fuselage stations with a capacity of 8,000 kg (17,630 lb) of ordnance, and provisions to carry combinations of:

S-25L laser-guided rocket
S-25 unguided rocket
B-8 unguided S-8 rocket pods
B-13 unguided S-13 rocket pods

Vympel R-27R/ER/T/ET
Vympel R-77 – the proposed R-77M, R-77T
Vympel R-73E/M, and R-74M


FAB-250 250-kilogram (550 lb) unguided bombs
FAB-500 500-kilogram (1,100 lb) unguided bombs
KAB-500L laser-guided bomb
KAB-1500 laser-guided bomb

buddy refueling pod

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