Will Saudi Arabia get a nuclear bomb ?

There are reports that Pakistan would sell nuclear weapons to Saudi Arabia, if the United States succeeded in negotiating an Iranian nuclear deal. The US and Iran may be preparing to sign an agreement at the end of March.

The UK Independent states that western intelligence agencies believe that the Saudi monarchy paid for up to 60% of Pakistan’s nuclear programme in return for the ability to buy warheads for itself at short notice, the Guardian newspaper reported in 2010.

Eurasia Review says that it is ridiculous to believe that Pakistan would sell Saudi Arabia the bomb. Muhammad Umar case at the Eurasia Review is that Pakistan would never offer Saudi Arabia nuclear weapons, because of the political, strategic, and normative consequences. Saudi Arabia would never want to obtain nuclear weapons because it is a party to the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the US, Adel Al-Jubeir, said the subject [of Saudi Arabia acquiring nuclear weapons] was “not something we would discuss publicly.

In 2012 the Saudi Arabian government threatened to acquire nuclear weapons were neighbouring regional power Iran ever to do so.

“Politically, it would be completely unacceptable to have Iran with a nuclear capability and not the kingdom,” a senior Saudi source told The Times newspaper at the time.

Nextbigfuture believes the Independent UK and that Saudi Arabia has the money and resources to go nuclear if they so desired. However, this would be done in a deniable and secretive way to avoid sanctions.

Time indicates that Egypt, Turkey, Jordan and Saudi Arabia have nuclear weapons programs. However, the article confuses nuclear power with nuclear weapons programs. Civilian nuclear power is not the short path to nuclear weapons.

Pakistan nuclear missile

SOURCE – independent UK, Eurasia Review