Star Wars 7 expected to beat Avengers 2 in Box office per Nextbigfuture survey

Nextbigfuture ran a survey asking if Star Wars 7 or Avengers 2 would have the larger global box office. Star Wars 7 is expected to have more box office by 73% of those surveyed.

47% think Avengers 2 will exceed $2 billion in global box office. Avengers 2 opened this weekend in several international markets and already has $201 billion in global box office. It is currently running at a faster pace than Avengers 1 which finished with over $1.5 billion.

73% believe Star Wars 7 will exceed $2 billion in global box office.

46% believe Star Wars 7 could pass Titanic in global box office and 35% think Star Wars 7 could become the largest non-inflational adjusted global movie box office.

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