Carnival of Nuclear Energy 261

The Carnival of Nuclear Energy 261 is up at Atomic Power Review

NukePowerTalk – The Future of Nuclear Beyond Gen-IV: Recently Dr. Marcus was asked what the future of nuclear energy might hold, and might look like, beyond the presently considered “Gen-IV” reactors. Taken by surprise by this question, she looks at the scope of future applications and asks readers to begin to imagine, guided by some suggestions, that very future.

James Conca- Forbes – Why don’t nuclear scientists get respect? Jim Conca wonders (not to himself, fortunately for us) why it is that environmental scientists are, as an example, consulted by media on environment matters but why then, on nuclear matters, nuclear experts are not. Instead, we are forced to sit through dissertations by pop-science talking heads who have never set foot in a nuclear plant. Conca’s article provides a sobering look at who we look to, societally, as “experts.”

Nextbigfuture – Supercritical Water Cooled Reactors part of Gen-IV Options: China has announced that it is building a SCWR, with a rating of 1000 MWe and which is designated SCR-1000. Euratom is collaborating on the fuel design.

Nextbigfuture – X-energy developments; X-energy recently convened a panel of nuclear energy experts to discuss the design of its pebble (bed) type fuel. The company plans to utilize this fuel in its pebble bed reactor sometime in the mid-2020’s.