Lab grown meat thirty thousand times cheaper than 18 months ago

Dutch Professor Mark Post, the scientist who made world’s first laboratory grown beef burger believes so-called “cultured meat” could spell the end of traditional cattle farming within just a few decades.

A year and a half ago the professor of vascular physiology gave the world its first taste of a beef burger he’d grown from stem cells taken from cow muscle.

It passed the food critics’ taste test, but at more than a quarter of a million dollars, the lab quarter-pounder was no threat to the real deal. Now, after further development, Dr Post estimates it’s possible to produce lab-beef for $80 a kilo – and that within years it will be a price-competitive alternative.

A small piece of muscle you can produce 10,000 kilos of meat.

In 2013, it cost $325,000 to make lab grown meat for a burger made from cultured muscle tissue cells. Now the cost is $11 for a quarter pound lab grown patty.

SOURCES – Fastcoexist, Australian News

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