Jurassic World looks to have a bigger box office than Avengers 2

Nextbigfuture ran a survey asking if Star Wars 7 or Avengers 2 would have the larger global box office. Star Wars 7 was expected to have more box office by 73% of those surveyed.

43% also thought Avengers Age of Ultron would get over $2 billion in global box office.

Avengers 2 will not reach that level. Avengers 2 is at about $1.37 billion (once last weeks foreign box office is counted. Avengers still has to open in Japan.

It will be lucky to get to $1.6 billion globally and get past the first Avengers box office (without inflation adjustment for the first movie).

Jurassic World had a bigger domestic opening than Age of Ultron. Jurassic World also had the biggest global box office movie opening ever. Jurassic World earned $511.8 million worldwide and becoming the first movie ever to make more than $500 million in a weekend.

Jurassic world opened to $204.6 million domestically. Avengers 2 opened to $191 million domestically. Avengers 1 opened to $207 million domestically.