US Navy plans to make a network of undersea charging stations for robotic minisubs

Sometime in the early 2020s the Navy will start deploying unmanned, underwater pods where robots can recharge undetected — and securely upload the intelligence they’ve gathered to Navy networks.

The Office of Naval Research calls them FDECO. (Forward-Deployed Energy and Communications Outpost).

The utility of this plan can be seen by the usefulness of gas stations to enable cars to travel freely around countries and for the fast charging network being built by Tesla (Elon Musk Electric car company).

Here is a presentation on future naval technology. Innovative Technology Programs by Thomas Killion Naval Research Technology Director

Current Active INPs:
* Electromagnetic Railgun (EMRG)
* Integrated Topside (INTOP)
* Autonomous Aerial Cargo Unmanned System (AACUS)
* Large Displacement Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (LDUUV)
* Netted Emulation of Multi Element Signatures Against Integrated Sensors (NEMESIS)

FY16 New Start INPs
* Electromagnetic Maneuver and Control Capability (EMC2);
* Forward Deployed Energy and Communications Outpost (FDECO)