China selling more military equipment to South American countries

Peru is expected to debut its first Chinese-imported rocket launcher during its National Day parade on Wednesday, marking the anniversary of the nation’s independence. This will be the first time China’s 122mm Type 90 multi-barrel rocket-launcher weapons system has equipped Peru’s armed forces, marking China’s growing role in the region as the go-to resource for arms imports.

The Type 90B is an upgrade of the Type 90A. The 40-round launchers are mounted on a Beifang Benchi 2629 6×6 trucks. The system adds WZ551 reconnaissance vehiclea, and the command vehicle has improved command and fire control systems

The reloading time is three minutes.

It is mainly used to destroy the enemy’s command post, missile site, airport, port and infrastructure, and can use ammunition whose range is 20-30 kilometers. It can also use range-extended rocket shells to destroy targets within 50 kilometers.

South American countries such as Argentina, Bolivia and Ecuador are buying China’s weapons.

Rankings of South America militaries
* Chile and Brazil come out top in terms of military equipment
* Venezuela comes next.
* Peru and Colombia are at the middle levels
* Ecuador and Bolivia are relatively weak

Most of these countries relied on western countries in the past. Western military gear has gotten too expensive and usually come with restrictive terms.