China will bigger than ITER test Tokamak for testing magnetic fusion by 2030

The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), a $20 billion machine being built in France. Constructing ITER has already cost three times as much as budgeted, and completion has slipped from 2016 to 2019, with the first plasma experiments the following year.

Steven Cowley, director of the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy in Oxfordshire, told the science and technology committee of the UK’s House of Lords “ITER says 2020, but I believe the first plasma will be [generated] in 2025.” Burning plasma is unlikely before “the early 2030s”, he said.

China Fusion Engineering Test Reactor, which will be bigger than ITER and may be finished by 2030, he said.

China’s approach to magnetic fusion

* superconducting-tokamak and bootstrap current plus the external CD to achieve the SS burning
plasma operation

* By the efficient breeding blanket and advanced tritium factory technology to achieve the Tritium

The Road Map China’s Magnetic Fusion development was presented at the end of 2014