Future Vertical Lift Twice as Far and twice as fast

One of the competing prototypes for the US Future Vertical Lift program is the Bell Valor 280

• Speed: 280 KTAS
• Combat Range: 500–800nm
• Strategically Self-Deployable: 2100+ nm Range
• High/Hot 6k/95F Hover Out of Ground Effect (HOGE) Performance
• Carries crew of four and 14 troops
• Useful load of 12,000+ lbs
• Triple redundant fly-by-wire flight control system
• Conventional, retractable landing gear
• Two 6’ wide large side doors for ease of rapid ingress/egress
• Enhanced situational awareness and sensing technologies

Whatever is picked for Future Vertical Lift will not be fielded through 2025-2035. Likely will be some war [maybe the same ones that did not end] which needs these better than helicopter machines

Four size configurations (which may or may not be of the same design) are envisioned to replace 25 current rotorcraft types:

JMR-Light: Scout version to replace the OH-58 Kiowa; introduction planned for 2030.

JMR-Medium: Utility and attack versions to replace the UH-60 Black Hawk and AH-64 Apache; introduction planned for 2027–28.

JMR-Heavy: Cargo version to replace the CH-47 Chinook; introduction planned for 2035, although Boeing expects 2060.

JMR-Ultra: New ultra-sized version for vertical lift aircraft with performance similar to fixed-wing tactical transport aircraft, such as the C-130J Super Hercules and the Airbus A400M Atlas; introduction planned for 2025.

Nextbigfuture covered Future vertical lift back in January

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