Israel putting merges four special ops battalions into a brigade embedded in a parachute division

Israel is reorganizing some of its special operations units by putting four separate special operations battalions together into one brigade. The new brigade will be part of the parachute division and will make the special skills of these four battalions available on a wide scale. Some members of these four units are complaining because the four battalions have different skills and tend to operate in different parts of the country. But the army leaders insist this will not be a problem.

Wonder what kind of big mission would need to parachute so many varied special operations units ?

Perhaps something to do with Iran.

* Duvdevan battalion spends most of its time in the West Bank carrying out undercover counter-terrorist operations

* Maglan battalion is a LRRP (Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols) specialist that belongs to the combat engineers.

* Egoz battalion specializes in reconnaissance and counter-terror operations, mainly along the Lebanese and Syrian borders.

* The Rimon battalion specializes in desert operations and operates mainly in the south (the Negev Desert and along the Gaza and Egyptian borders).

SOURCE – Strategy Page